GHD Yin Yoga - Restorative GHD Yin Yoga - Restorative
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GHD Yin Yoga – Restorative

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GHD Yin Yoga – Restorative

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Fridays 5:30pm – 6:30pm.

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Product Description

This class is a restorative experience and cultivates attention, presence, letting-go, receptivity and equanimity. It is a meditative approach aimed at meridians and “yin” organs (kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, spleen) and “yin” tissues (fascias, tendons, ligaments, bones). In this approach, poses are held on the floor for a few minutes and require little or no muscular engagement with or without accessories (block, bolster, blanket).


Additional Information

Teacher / Instructeur Nancy Desbiens
Location / Lieu GH Dawe Centre, 100, 56 Holt Street
City / Ville Red Deer
Type Classe
Material / Matériel Belt, Blanket, Block, Ceinture, Chair, Coussin, Couverture legère, Cushion, Eau, Free Weights (3,5 or 8 pounds), Mat, Notebook, Serviette sportive, Water


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